First Mover Disadvantage

So Apple is about to release iOS 6 and rumour has it original iPads aren’t supported. It’s not the first time Apple has cut off software upgrades from their 1st generation products and this certainly won’t be the last time either. And in this modern era of technology they didn’t start it, it not a unique phenomena. … Continue reading

Learning from others’ mistakes, eventually…

So I read today that HTC is planning to release fewer models in future as they weren’t meeting the company’s expected sales targets. Well done to them. Though in my opinion they should have never succumbed to releasing a glut of phone models in the first place given others before them (*cough* Nokia*cough*) so emphatically … Continue reading

HP rebranding logic: a wise decision?

It’s over a month since HP revealed their new webOS devices and with it seemingly dumped the Palm brand into the history books. Even though my brain now has had time to process their decision I can’t help but think it’s a mistake. Yes the Palm name may be a little tainted but I still … Continue reading

Grease: the new security risk to touchscreen phones

Bloomin’ eck! Is nothing safe? Kinda puts you off buying a fancy phone…. just read this and I can’t put it any better  than PC Pro . The basics for the lazy among you (if you’re anything like me) are that grease from your body leaves marks on your screen that can be used to … Continue reading

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