Licenses to Kill: A New Media Hurdle

It’s just turned 2014 and I’m confronted with a tweet from @Supererogatory containing the news that the license for Deadpool has expired and the game had been removed from Steam. The account’s next retweet from their source revealed it had also been removed from Xbox Live Arcade and PSN. The startling thing, the game only got … Continue reading

Download-only titles and likely next gen compatibility

With Sony’s Playstation 4 announcement came news that PSN exclusive games (i.e. download-only) may not work on PS4. Sony implied they’ll do their best to help make them work, but given they said PS4 won’t be physically backwards compatible with PS3 games disks why should digitally distributed games be any different? They are after all … Continue reading

Confessions of an Intermittent Gamer

I’ve never had a problem with being called a gamer. Some do, but not me. I can walk the walk and talk the the talk of a fairly knowledgeable gamer but the problem is I don’t spend as much time as I’d like on actually playing. If I’m brutally honest I spend far too much time, … Continue reading

Technology on camera

Don’t you hate it when you’re engrossed in the moment and something takes you out of it? Well OK, so this occurrence I didn’t hate exactly. It made me laugh in fact. But it still shouldn’t have happened. I was watching Borgen (like everyone else) and the character was at his computer and then DISASTER! Yes! Exactly! You saw … Continue reading

3D or not 3D that is the question

During reading a review of Furry Legends the reviewer briefly described the graphics and it got me thinking. What with 3D TVs and gaming set to become the “next big thing” how are we going to name it properly? What do I mean? Well 2D is a straightforward description at 1st thought but if you … Continue reading

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