Dirt Magnet

With the rise in the importance of stylish design of electronics there have been two recent trends. As consumers strive for the glossy or shiny look and touch screens on everything they buy this has resulted in a great increase in surfaces that succumb to easily looking dirty. So many of the materials used, whether … Continue reading

Colour of money? Or blindly losing it?

Electronics companies often make their products in multiple colours. A choice of finishes can certainly can certainly help them fit with your decor or, in the case of the portable items, your dress sense. But are they truely worthwhile to make? A few of the basic options offered like black, white, grey, chrome or wood … Continue reading

Button it!

A family member decided to buy a new HD camcorder. It wasn’t really needed but I knew I wouldn’t be able to stop them. First impressions were it was I nice bit of kit but on further inspection I noticed something was missing. I know you’re not on tenterhooks as to what, the title is … Continue reading

The Age of the Black Monolith (size variable)

Sleek Featureless Black Monolith

Given the current trend for gadgets to have touch screen I can see a time fairly soon when virtually all gadgets end up looking almost identical. It’s a  complaint I normally hear directed at cars but has spread to electronics over the last decade as Apple’s design flair coupled with the increasing affordability of flat screen technology started … Continue reading

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