Button it!

A family member decided to buy a new HD camcorder. It wasn’t really needed but I knew I wouldn’t be able to stop them. First impressions were it was I nice bit of kit but on further inspection I noticed something was missing. I know you’re not on tenterhooks as to what, the title is … Continue reading

Bloggie: Repeating the same mistake?

Sony’s Bloggie is widely thought of as being a great piece of kit, especially since it’s nearest rival the Flip has been discontinued for a while now. With few major brand rivals in the simple video camera market you’d think they’d have corrected by now what, for me at least, is it’s major failing. What … Continue reading

Flipped off!

Last week Cisco announced it was closing down the Flip pocket video camera business it bought in 2009. This strikes me as overkill. I totally understand that you can’t run a business at a loss for a prolonged period of time and sometimes you have to cut your losses and run. You also have to … Continue reading

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