Colour of money? Or blindly losing it?

Electronics companies often make their products in multiple colours. A choice of finishes can certainly can certainly help them fit with your decor or, in the case of the portable items, your dress sense. But are they truely worthwhile to make? A few of the basic options offered like black, white, grey, chrome or wood … Continue reading

First Mover Disadvantage

So Apple is about to release iOS 6 and rumour has it original iPads aren’t supported. It’s not the first time Apple has cut off software upgrades from their 1st generation products and this certainly won’t be the last time either. And in this modern era of technology they didn’t start it, it not a unique phenomena. … Continue reading

Technology on camera

Don’t you hate it when you’re engrossed in the moment and something takes you out of it? Well OK, so this occurrence I didn’t hate exactly. It made me laugh in fact. But it still shouldn’t have happened. I was watching Borgen (like everyone else) and the character was at his computer and then DISASTER! Yes! Exactly! You saw … Continue reading

New Year, New Tech: or is it?

At the beginning of the year the press is full of lists of the technology to look forward to in this coming year. In one respect it is all new, but mostly only new in the improved-version-of-last-years-model sense. How much is truly new these days? Constant advances in technology allows all these products we need … Continue reading

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