Still cutting out…

It’s approximately a year since my Confessions of an Intermittent Gamer article. I have to hold my hands up, my time management (which is usually my forte in other areas of life) has not improved much with regard to gaming. Also it’s clear that my intention of making The Intermittent Gamer a semi-regular column is clearly a complete failure, illustrated best by the fact this is the 2nd article. I’ve got to say I’m glad I labelled it “semi-regular” from the outset! 🙂

So, where now?

Well I’m still going to try to transfer more of the time I spend reading/talking about gaming to actual playing. I never envisaged The Intermittent Gamer to be weekly or even monthly, I chose to say it was “semi-regular” for a reason. I knew there was only so many articles you could write with that column name a year and I thought if things went well I’d get maybe 4 or 5 at best in a year. I know myself well so going on I’ll say I’m going to aim for maybe 3 articles a year. That’s not many, but then that’s not to say there won’t be other gaming posts by me, it’s just they won’t be filed under TIG.

I’ve got some other writing projects in the works so these aims may not come to be fully realised. But if you get something out of these posts surely that’s all that matters. I certainly find writing them a good mental exercise so it’s worthwhile for me. An ordered mind is a good thing.

Maybe I’ll make some headway into my various backlogs.

That would be nice.


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