Confessions of an Intermittent Gamer

I’ve never had a problem with being called a gamer. Some do, but not me.

I can walk the walk and talk the the talk of a fairly knowledgeable gamer but the problem is I don’t spend as much time as I’d like on actually playing. If I’m brutally honest I spend far too much time, proportionally, reading and discussing the subject.

I don’t want to spend too much more time on it as I have a life, therefore I feel I need to reallocate time from elsewhere. Much of my “discussing” gaming is helping others (well, trying to) and there’s nothing wrong with socialising. So that (pretty much) leaves reading about it.

I’ve already whittled down my regular sources, but I don’t want to limit myself as an exposure to a wide variety of views is a healthy thing. It’s not that difficult to reduce sources as there’s an alarming number of sites that just cut’n’paste a press release or barely rephrase another site’s scoop. Most of the time all you will get is a sprinkling of attitude or comment on top.

So this means two things. I must read faster and/or be more particular with what I read.

Most of the time you can glean enough information from the headline. Usually sufficient enough to make a decision to read.

I’m already getting better, I think.

I do feel a bit of a hypocrite and a fraud for forming some opinions based on such a high proportion of reading versus playing but I try to be objective, bite my tongue when I know I’ve not enough actual playing experience. That must count for something.

And with that I’m announcing a semi-regular column. Please join me for…

The Intermittent Gamer

A placeholder logo….thankfully.

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