“Advanced” audio does not benefit most viewers

Please note I’m no audio expert, the following is based on my own experience and my own reading over the years. Multiple channel audio, whether it be 5.1 or 7.1, has become the norm. At face value this seems to be a very good thing. For the average viewer though it only results in an … Continue reading

Still cutting out…

It’s approximately a year since my Confessions of an Intermittent Gamer article. I have to hold my hands up, my time management (which is usually my forte in other areas of life) has not improved much with regard to gaming. Also it’s clear that my intention of making The Intermittent Gamer a semi-regular column is … Continue reading

Licenses to Kill: A New Media Hurdle

It’s just turned 2014 and I’m confronted with a tweet from @Supererogatory containing the news that the license for Deadpool has expired and the game had been removed from Steam. The account’s next retweet from their source revealed it had also been removed from Xbox Live Arcade and PSN. The startling thing, the game only got … Continue reading

Next Gen Battle: Too many OSes…

A few things have struck me as the specifications of the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 have been revealed. Without being too much of tech-head I’ve been getting the impression that the core technology of the 2 machines is pretty damn similar. They both have similar AMD chipsets with the same amount of memory. Microsoft … Continue reading

Dirt Magnet

With the rise in the importance of stylish design of electronics there have been two recent trends. As consumers strive for the glossy or shiny look and touch screens on everything they buy this has resulted in a great increase in surfaces that succumb to easily looking dirty. So many of the materials used, whether … Continue reading

Download-only titles and likely next gen compatibility

With Sony’s Playstation 4 announcement came news that PSN exclusive games (i.e. download-only) may not work on PS4. Sony implied they’ll do their best to help make them work, but given they said PS4 won’t be physically backwards compatible with PS3 games disks why should digitally distributed games be any different? They are after all … Continue reading

PS4 Logo

PS4: A peek, not a blatant tell-all

So Sony surprised many and officially announced the PS4 before Microsoft did likewise with their next machine. I wasn’t that surprised myself, Sony needed to take the initiative. Most of the expectation was based on there being successive leaks from Microsoft over a prolonged period and Sony staying quiet for much longer. The core specs were … Continue reading

Confessions of an Intermittent Gamer

I’ve never had a problem with being called a gamer. Some do, but not me. I can walk the walk and talk the the talk of a fairly knowledgeable gamer but the problem is I don’t spend as much time as I’d like on actually playing. If I’m brutally honest I spend far too much time, … Continue reading

Ethical Entry: or How to avoid winner’s guilt.

Over the last few years I’ve become a regular enterer(?) of contests and seeker of freebies. Everyone loves something for nothing. A problem has developed though if I win something. I feel uncomfortable entering future competitions from the same source. Part of me feels I’m exploiting their generosity and that I should give someone else a chance … Continue reading

Colour of money? Or blindly losing it?

Electronics companies often make their products in multiple colours. A choice of finishes can certainly can certainly help them fit with your decor or, in the case of the portable items, your dress sense. But are they truely worthwhile to make? A few of the basic options offered like black, white, grey, chrome or wood … Continue reading

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